Tera Leasing

Acquire essential fixed assets for your business or entrepreneurship with Tera Leasing while maintaining your working capital. Leasing is an effective tool for financing the purchase of machinery and equipment:

  • No real estate collateral required
  • Option to purchase new or used assets
  • Available for individuals and legal entities
  • Tera Leasing assists with asset selection and inspection
Tera Leasing

Tera Leasing Terms

Amount   GEL 5 000 to GEL 5 000 000
Term   From 6 to 72 months
Leasing currency   GEL, USD, EUR
Contribution   Starting from 15% of the asset price
Collateral   No real estate required
Effective interest rate in GEL   From 19%
Effective Interest Rate in USD From 14%
Effective interest rate in EUR From 13%

Tera Leasing was established in 2023 through a collaboration between Terabank and Bizon.ge. The new brand is backed by a team with extensive experience in the leasing industry.

Tera Leasing serves both individuals and legal entities, including startups, offering financing for new and used assets (from 2013 onwards).

Tera Leasing participates in the "Enterprise Georgia" initiative and preferential agro credit programs, offering interest rate subsidies ranging from 5% to 12% under state programs.

Our leasing team supports customers throughout the entire asset acquisition and management process, including asset selection, purchase, insurance, and maintenance stages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Tera Leasing work?

When using leasing, you select the desired equipment and the supplier, or you can contact us for consultation during the selection stage.

We will purchase the selected asset and lease it to you until the end of the lease term.

If you have already purchased the machinery you need and want to free up the invested capital, leasing can help. In a sale-leaseback arrangement, we temporarily purchase an asset you own for cash. In both scenarios, once you have paid all the monthly installments on time and in full, the asset will become your property.

Why opt for Tera Leasing?

Leasing is an effective tool for financing the purchase of machinery and equipment. No real estate collateral is required. Our leasing team supports you throughout the entire process, from asset selection and purchase to insurance and maintenance.

Who can use leasing and for what purposes?

Tera Leasing is for those looking to expand or retool their business, add construction or agricultural machinery, acquire medical or manufacturing equipment, purchase vehicles, or obtain other necessary equipment. We also provide leasing options for individuals purchasing new vehicles for personal use. Tera Leasing serves both individuals and legal entities, including startups.

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