Investment Mortgage Loan

Purchase or renovate real estate with an investment mortgage, rent it out, and grow your income. Rent income is also considered, when determining loan amounts.

  • Term: GEL: up to 240 months
  • Dollar / Euro: up to 120 months
  • Currency: GEL, USD, EUR

Investment Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan Conditions

Minimum amount of mortgage loan   GEL 1 000
Maximum   Determined individually
Term   From 6 to 240 months
Term for foreign currency   Up to 120 months
Currency   GEL, USD, EUR
Issuance Fee   0.50% (min. 50 units)
Repayment terms   Equal monthly payments
Security   Real estate
Type of income   Salary, allowance, bonus, dividend, rent, remittance, as well as income from self-employed activities
Loan disbursement fee   0.5 % (min.50 units)
Fee for searching information in Credit Info database   18 GEL/6 USD/6 EUR
Contribution to the purchase of real estate   From 0% (determined based on the liquidation value of the property)
Withdrawal fee   see Tariff Packages

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Annual interest rate GEL   Index +3.3% and up
Annual interest rate USD   from 7.45% (variable rate tied to LIBOR)
Annual interest rate EUR   EUR- from 7.10% (variable rate linked to Euribor)
Effective interest rate GEL   from 14.7%
Effective interest rate USD   from 7.9%
Effective interest rate EUR   from 7.9%

A loan or bank credit for amounts less than GEL 400,000 can only be issued in the national currency, except when the borrower's income and the loan are in the same currency. 
In the case of a mortgage loan issued in foreign currency, if the borrower's income is in the currency of the loan, the loan term can be no more than 15 years.
And in the case of a mortgage loan issued in foreign currency, if the income of the borrower and the currency of the loan differ from each other, the term of the loan can be no more than 10 years.
Loans are granted to both residents and non-residents of Georgia. The loan is granted to non-residents under the terms of the business agreement valid in Georgia.
When refinancing a mortgage loan issued in a foreign currency from January 1, 2019, to January 1, 2022, if the loan is issued in a foreign currency and the borrower's income and the loan currency differ from each other, the maximum duration of the loan is allowed to be 15 years.

How do I get a loan?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the investment mortgage loan intended for?

The investment mortgage loan is intended for those who plan to purchase, or renovate real estate for future income.

How is an investment mortgage different?

In the process of reviewing the loan, the bank also takes into account the rent that you will receive in the future by renting out the purchased or renovated apartment.

What type of income should I have?

Salary, allowance, bonus, dividend, lease, allowance. Also income from tutoring, dentist, barber, babysitter, tailor, and taxi driver and other private activities.

Is there an age restriction?

Mortgage loans are issued to people aged 20 to 70 years.

What is the minimum amount of mortgage I can take?

The minimum amount of a mortgage loan is 1 000 GEL.

How is the effective interest rate calculated?

The effective interest rate is calculated taking into account all the necessary financial costs and the period of incurring the cost.

What is the term of the mortgage loan?

The maximum term of the loan issued in GEL is 240 months; For loans issued in foreign currency, if the borrower's income and the currency of the loan are different, the maximum term is 120 months.

Who can be my co-borrower?

It is possible to register a household member as a co-borrower.

How can I secure a mortgage loan?

Investment mortgage loans can be secured by real estate.

To which indices is the loan currency linked?

  • Lari - Tbilisi interbank interest rate - TIBR 1M index
  • USD - Term SOFR
  • Euro - Euribor index

What happens in case of overdue?

On the first overdue day, a penalty fee of 10 GEL (6 USD/4 EUR) is charged. Subsequently, 0.27% of the overdue amount payable for each overdue day (not more than the requirements defined by law).

What are the conditions for participation?

Participation is possible from 0%.

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