Your Personal Data Is Protected by Us

Your Personal Data Is Protected by Us
Starting March 1, 2024, the new law on personal data protection takes effect. JSC Terabank is committed to informing you about how and why we process your personal information, as well as how we acquire and safeguard your data.
Personal data encompasses various details, including your name, surname, personal identification number, contact information, and more. It also covers special categories of data, social and demographic information, transaction details, behavioral patterns, technological data, communication records, location data, publicly available information, and data from public records.

We process your data based on:

  • Your application
  • Contracts between the bank and yourself
  • Your consent for processing special categories of data for specific purposes
  • Our legitimate interests
  • Legal obligations
  • Instances outlined by law


Sources from which we obtain personal information about you:

  • Your use of the Bank's products and services
  • Your registration as a customer of the bank or online services
  • Telephone communication or a visit to a branch
  • Our website, mobile application, and online consultation functionality (online chat) that you use
  • Letters sent by post or e-mail
  • Open banking services
  • Organizations from which information is obtained: National Agency of Public Registry, Revenue Service, State Services Development Agency, payment service providers, credit agencies, credit information bureau, other financial institutions


For what purpose we process your data:

  • To provide you with banking services (including remote services)
  • To analyze your solvency and/or monitor current liabilities
  • To manage our risks and those of our customers
  • To fulfill the rights and obligations under the contract signed with you
  • To protect your and the bank's interests
  • To process and resolve your claims
  • To ensure our safety and yours, which includes video monitoring for crime prevention, detection, public safety, property protection, and/or protection of confidential information, as well as audio monitoring for service improvement and creating legally binding evidence
  • To ensure compliance with banking activity legislation
  • To detect, investigate, report, and prevent financial crimes
  • To update data and ensure compliance of banking processes/activities with legislation
  • To ensure compliance with other requirements established by law


How we process your data:
We employ automated decision-making processes, utilizing profiling techniques. This involves categorizing our customers based on specific interests and personal characteristics. These profiles help us understand customer needs better and tailor products or services accordingly.
Furthermore, you have the right to opt out of automated data processing and request human intervention, especially if it may lead to significant legal, financial, or other consequences for you.

Data grouping:

  • Documentary - This includes your passport, identity document, birth certificate, driver's license, and other personal identification documents.
  • Contractual - Detailed information about banking products and services provided to you by the bank.
  • Financial - Information about your income, credit history, analysis of your income for future lending purposes, and details of completed transactions (behavior).
  • Socio-demographic - Information about your citizenship, education, and social status/income.
  • Transaction-related - Your bank account number, incoming/outgoing payments made to your accounts, payments/transfers made from your accounts, along with details of when and where these transactions occurred.
  • Location-related - Data pertaining to your location, which the bank may obtain through your mobile phone, computer's Internet connection address (IP address), or the location of the facility where you carry out banking operations with your card.
  • Behavioral data - Details about how you use our products or services.
  • Technological - Information about the equipment/devices (phone, computer, etc.) you use when accessing our products or services.
  • Open access data and public records - Information about you sourced from public sources, including information in public electoral rolls, as well as other information legally available on the Internet.
  • Special categories of data (including biometric) - Genetic and biometric data (such as voice biometric data), information about health status, details of criminal convictions, administrative detentions, application of preventive measures, conclusion of a plea agreement, diversion programs, recognition as a crime victim, or recognition as a victim.


To enhance your experience on the bank's website and ensure its smooth operation, we utilize "cookies." These are small files stored on your computer, mobile phone, or other technical devices when you visit the website.
While you have the option to opt out of this technology at any time, doing so may limit your ability to fully enjoy the website's features.

Data transfer:
In compliance with the regulations set forth by legislation, your personal data may be transferred to entities in contractual relationships with the bank, ensuring that the confidentiality and security of the transferred personal data are fully safeguarded.
During data transfers to third parties, the bank prioritizes your best interests, procures all required consents as mandated by law, and restricts sharing to only the necessary data volume to accomplish specific objectives, safeguarding both your and the bank's legal interests and ensuring the provision of services appropriately.

Personal data security:
To uphold data security, the bank has implemented all technical measures prescribed by international standards, aligning with current legislation. The bank's informational and technological resources, as per applicable laws, ensure safeguarding information from accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, extraction, illegal usage, and accidental or unlawful loss.

Processing of data concerning minors:
Data concerning minors is processed with the consent of the minor if they have reached the age of 16. For minors under the age of 16, data processing requires consent from their parent or legal representative, unless explicitly provided otherwise by law. Special category data regarding minors is processed only with written consent from their parent or legal representative, except where expressly permitted by law.

Protection of data concerning deceased individuals:
The bank processes data concerning deceased individuals only when legally authorized.

Personal data retention period:
Your personal data is retained by the bank for the duration necessary to achieve the intended purpose for which the information was obtained. If the duration cannot be determined, the bank follows predetermined criteria.


Your personal data (including special category data) is processed by us to be able to consider your interests and offer banking products/services tailored to you through various communication channels (including telephone, mail, e-mail, or other electronic means). 
You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of data for direct marketing purposes at any time.
For the mentioned purposes:

  • Write us a message through the bank's remote channels (internet banking or mobile banking)
  • Visit any of the bank branches

If you withdraw your consent to the processing of data for direct marketing purposes, we will stop processing the data for this purpose within 7 working days of your request.
If you are still interested in our banking services or any of our products, despite your refusal to process data for direct marketing purposes, you can contact us at any time through the channel of your choice and renew your consent to data processing for direct marketing purposes. We may periodically, but not less than once every 3 months, remind you to exercise this right.

We recommend the following measures to safeguard your personal data:

  • Enter your personal data exclusively on the bank's official website - https// and/or the internet bank page -, ensuring access via a secure network (avoid public networks)
  • Refrain from disclosing your personal data/confidential information to third parties
  • void storing personal information on unprotected devices accessible to third parties
  • Utilize only personal devices for banking services and avoid saving your username and password in the system
  • Use solely your personal contact information (personal phone number, email, etc.) for verification purposes
  • When conducting remote/online banking operations, ensure usage of a secure browser and equip your device with necessary security software (antivirus, etc.)


Know your rights:
You have the right to request us to cease processing your personal data, delete, destroy, or amend the data, and update and rectify it if incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated, or if its collection and processing were conducted unlawfully, or to temporarily suspend data processing.

Blocking entails:

  • Restricting the processing of personal data for a specific duration when disputing the authenticity or accuracy of the data.
  • In cases where processing is unlawful, if you object to erasing the personal data and instead request limiting its use. If the bank no longer requires the personal data for processing purposes but needs it to establish or execute a legal claim by you or to defend against claims/lawsuits.

Despite data blocking, processing may continue if necessary to safeguard your vital interests or those of a third party, or for state security and defense purposes.
You will be notified of the blocking decision within 3 working days of the request. In case of refusal, you have the right to appeal to the Personal Data Protection Service and/or the court.
You have the right to receive information about the termination, deletion, or destruction of data processing, as well as updates, corrections of inaccuracies, promptly after we take appropriate action, but no later than 10 working days. In case of refusal, you have the right to appeal to the Personal Data Protection Service and/or the court.
You also have the right to access your personal data stored in the bank and request copies free of charge, except where prohibited by law.

What information you can request:

  • The data we process
  • The purposes for which we process your data
  • The legal basis for processing your personal data
  • How your data is processed
  • The duration for which your personal data is retained by us
  • With whom, for what purpose, and to what extent your data has been shared

You can request to withdraw your information in any form acceptable to you, and we will respond in the same format.
Upon your request, we will provide the requested information or, as permitted by law, refuse to do so within 10 working days. Additionally, this timeframe may be extended by up to 10 working days, with immediate notification to you.
You have the right to seek recourse through the Personal Data Protection Service and/or the court in case of violations of your rights or established rules as per the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection.
You can address your request/claim to the bank through the following channels:

  • Contacting JSC Terabank's Customer Service Center: +995 32 2 255 00 00
  • Completing a written claim form at branches and service centers of JSC Terabank
  • Sending an electronic request to: 

Our personal data protection officer, Nino Gaiparashvili, will ensure the protection of your personal data:

  • Email:
  • Tel: (+995 32) 255 00 00 (1249)