Mastercard Travel

Travel Package - Your irreplaceable companion in all countries 


If you love to travel, then you already know your must-have list: plastic card without withdrawal commission, credit card in case of emergency, and travel insurance. 
terabank and MasterCard present the new product – Travel Package, which is created to make your journey even more comfortable. 

  • Travel Package includes Travel Card, Credit Card, and one-week travel insurance

With the Travel Card, you can withdraw cash from any ATM in all countries around the world. Besides, you are able to pay in any trade and service merchants and make online payments. 
Card Annual Fee - 50 GEL.

  • Credit Card Next and Next Up - the first-year service free of charge

The card limit is determined according to customer rating and credit scale.


Plastic card issuance and service rates

Card Validity 2 year
Annual service fee          GEL 50
Minimum balance USD 10 
Multi-currency account GEL / USD / EUR / GBP

Service fee for the amounts transferred from

the internet sites, or the refunded amounts

from the operations performed through terminals abroad 


Fee for change of the daily limit of cash withdrawal from ATM 

(maximal term is 1 month) 


Daily limits for cash withdrawal and settlement

Contactless operation GEL 100
From ATM GEL 10,000 or its equivalent*
At Terabank Unlimited
In case of payment      GEL 30,000 or its equivalent
At another bank    GEL 30,000 or its equivalent      

Cash withdrawal and settlement fees

From ATM abroad * 0%
From ATM abroad, more than 1,000 units per month 2% min. USD 3 
From ATM at Terabank 2% min. GEL 9 

Cash withdrawal from terabank in GEL

0.2% min GEL. 0.5 

Cash withdrawal from terabank in other currency

0.50%  min. GEL 1

Fee for payment through POS terminal 0%
Cash withdrawal through plastic card from ATM of a partner bank

2% min. GEL 9*

2% min  USD 3 **

Cash withdrawal through plastic card from any bank’s ATM (inside of the country) 2% min. USD 3 
Cash withdrawal through plastic card from any other bank’s ATM (outside of the country) 0%
Cash withdrawal from partner bank 2% min. GEL 9
Cash withdrawal from the other bank 2.5%  min. USD 3.5

*Liberty Bank  

*TBC Bank

*Cash withdrawal from the ATM abroad is free of charge within one calendar month from the transaction performance, within the following limits – USD 1,000 / EURO 1,000 / GBP 1,000. 

Card services Safety/Insurance

Service Standard Premium Premium Plus Gold Gold Plus
Annual Fee GEL 5 GEL 10 GEL 15 GEL 25 GEL 50
Card Insurance Term                                                                                    Equals to Card validity term
Transactions fullfilled without PIN or Chip (above GEL 50)  GEL 2000 GEL 5000  GEL 8000 GEL 10000 GEL 25000
Internet transactions  GEL 500 GEL 800 GEL 1100 GEL 3000 GEL 7000
Authorization-free transactions GEL 200 GEL 500 GEL 800 GEL 1200 GEL 2500
Number of operations reimbursed 10 illegal operations

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