Money Transfer Promotion and Raffle

If you are already using or intend to use a money transfer service, do not miss the new promotion and raffle from terabank with its gifts and benefits. 



Upon use of the service, you will automatically join the promotion and take advantage of the following benefits:
•    Open an account for free
•    Visa Classic or MasterCard standard cards – as a gift
•    Free cash withdrawal from ATMs (both GEL and USD)
•    Favorable exchange rate
•    Term deposit in USD—additional 0.1% for annual interest
•    Term deposit in GEL—additional 0.3% for annual interest


The promotion is being supplemented with a raffle where participants can gain as many points as possible to a winner.
Raffle Terms
•    1 transfer – 1 point
•    Every additional transfer sent or 500-unit transfer received—additional point

Customers with the most points will win cash prizes and a total of three winners will be selected from among the participants. The three cash prizes are the following:
1st place—2,020 GEL
2nd place—1,000 GEL
3rd place—500 GEL


Winners will be announced on December 31.

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