Credit Card


Credit card NEXT allows you to use the pre-approved limit and to refund the spent amount without charging interest.   

  • Grace period – up to 55 days

  • Refund program

  • Minimal monthly installments – 5% of the spent amount

  • Terabank's card holders can transfer the amount to any card of Terabank through ATM;


Credit limit repayment terms:

Credit limit repayment can be made in two ways:

  • Full repayment for using 0% credit

  • Repayment through minimal installments – by charging interest



Accumulate terabytes from terabank and pay for utilities free of charge or fill in the account!

Get involved with the Loyalty program:

On every GEL 5 transaction – get 1 terabyte

To every amount more by GEL 1 - 1 more terabyte will be added


  • Six lari transaction = 1+1 terabytes
  • Nine Lari transaction = 1+4 terabytes
  • Transactions of 1000 GEL or above = 996 terabytes, which is the maximum amount of accrued points(1 terabyte is for the initial 5 GEL, while the remaining 995 GEL = 995 terabytes)

300  terabytes = GEL 1


Cashback Mechanism

Get back 1% of the amount spent (not more than 500 GEL) for each of the following transactions made at the POS terminal:

  • POS terminal.
  • Payment on websites.

The amount of the transaction must exceed 20 USD (corresponding equivalent in GEL). The refund is calculated every month on the statement calculation day. The amount deposited as a result of the cashback is not considered a minimum contribution.


Credit Card conditions (Next/Next Up cards)

Next Card Type Visa Classic/MC Standard/Visa Platinum/Visa Infinity*
Card validity 2 years

Card Issuance fee


Card upgrade (due to loss/damage)

Visa Classic/MC standard - GEL 30

Visa Platinum - GEL 85

Visa Infinity - GEL 85

Swift card issuance fee 

cost of the card + GEL 25 

Annual Interest Rate From 29% in GEL 
Effective interest rate in case of full repayment of the limit once a month* 0,7%
Effective interest rate in case of repayment through minimal installments* 34,7%
Credit Limit Term 4 years
Credit Limit Currency GEL 
Credit Limit Approval Fee 0%
Annual Service Fee

- Classic/Standard - up to 500-850 GEL within the limit - 20 GEL
- Classic/standard - above 850 GEL - 35 GEL annually

- Platinum - 85 GEL per year
- Infinity - 85 GEL every year

Credit Limit Volume Next card: 500- 17 000 GEL***
Next Up card: 500 - 5000 GEL

Service fee for the amounts transferred from

the internet sites, or the refunded amounts from

the operations performed through terminals abroad 

Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard/Visa Platinum/Visa Infinity - 2%
Pin Code Recovery Visa Classic/MasterCard standard/Visa Platinum/Visa Infinity - GEL 5

Fee for change of the daily limit of cash withdrawal from ATM (maximal term is 1 month) 

 5 GEL
Cost of card transaction appeal service, for each transaction** USD 15

Placement of  the card on the local Stop List


Placement of the card on the international Stop list (for 2 weeks)

40 USD

*Effective interest rate of the credit card has been counted by calculating on GEL 5,000 limit.

It is asumed that the borrower uses the credit card for  payment purposes.

**In the case of reimbursement by insurance, the customer will not be charged the cost of the appeal fee. This cost will be reimbursed by the bank.

***The maximum limit for Visa Classic / MasterCard standard is from 500 to 5,000 GEL, and for Visa Platinum and Visa Infinity from 1,000 to 17,000 GEL.

Daily limits for cash withdrawal and settlement

Contactless operation GEL 100
From ATM

Visa Classic/Mastercard Standard - GEL 10 000

Visa Platinum - GEL 15 000

Visa Infinity - GEL 15 000

At Terabank Unlimited
In case of payment     

Visa Classic/Mastercard Standard - GEL 30 000

Visa Platinum - 100 000

Visa Infinity - 100 000

At another bank    Visa Classic/Mastercard Standard - GEL 30 000

Visa Platinum - 50 000

Visa Infinity - 50 000

Fee for transfer from the account of Next/ Next UP card

Transfer from Next card’s account in GEL (at Terabank and other banks)

3.5% min. GEL 10 (equivalent)

Transfer from Next card’s account in currency (at Terabank)

3.5% min. GEL 10 (equivalent)

Transfer from Next card’s account in currency (at the other banks)

3.5% min. USD 20/EURO 15

Fee for transfer to terabank’s card through the ATM of Terabank

3% min. USD 3 (corresponding in equivalent)

Transfer to overlay another bank's credit card 0%

Cash Withdrawal Fees

From Terabank ATM 3% Minimum GEL 9  (relevant equivalent)
In Terabank 3.5% Minimum GEL 10  (relevant equivalent)
Payment through POS terminal 0%
Payment of utilities from ATM 0%

Cash Withdrawal from ATM of a Partner Bank

3.5%, min. GEL 12 (relevant equivalent)*
Cash Withdrawal from any bank’s ATM (inside of the country) 3.5%, min. USD 5 (relevant equivalent)
Cash Withdrawal from any other bank’s ATM (outside of the country) 3.5%, min. USD 5 (relevant equivalent)
Cash Withdrawal from a partner bank 4% min. GEL 12  (relevant equivalent)*
Cash Withdrawal from the other bank 4% min. USD 4 (relevant equivalent)

Withdrawal fee from TBC Bank ATM 

3.5%, min. 5 USD (equivalent)

*Liberty Bank   *TBC Bank


Standard terms and conditions for performance of terabank’s banking operations: see at the following link

Cards General Guideliens

ATM Location


In case of card loss, please contact Terabank immidiately via telephone: (+995 32) 255 00 00 or mobile: *50 50.  Terabank call center operates 24 hours.

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