Visa Classic

Visa Classic enables you to use the funds on your card account in Georgia as well as in any country of the world, to make payments at retail and service outlets.

  • High limits for cash withdrawals

  • Unlimited on-line payments

  • SMS  messages on the transaction performed through the card

  • Terabank's card holders can transfer funds to any card of Terabank

  • through the ATM

  • Card operations security service

  • Contactless (without pin code) operation services.

Open the term deposit of up to 10,000 units and request Visa Classic free of charge, on which the credit (overdraft) limit is allowed.


Plastic card issuance and service rates

Card Validity 2 years
Card Issuance fee GEL 30

Swift card issuance fee 

cost of the card + GEL 25 

Minimum balance Not requested
Multi-currency account       GEL / USD/ EUR / GBP

Service fee for the amounts transferred from

the internet sites, or the refunded amounts

from the operations performed through terminals abroad 


Fee for change of the daily limit of cash withdrawal from ATM (maximal term is 1 month) 



Daily limits for cash withdrawal and settlement

Contactless operation GEL 100
From ATM GEL 5,000 or its equivalent*
At Terabank Unlimited
In case of payment      GEL 10,000 or its equivalent
From another bank GEL 30,000 or its equivalent

Cash withdrawal and settlement fees

In case of cash withdrawal in GEL from terabank’s branch 

0.2% min. GEL 0.5

In case of cash withdrawal in foreign currency  from terabank’s branch 

0.50% min. GEL 1

Cash withdrawal through plastic card from ATM of a terabank

0.2% min. Gel 0.6 *

Fee for payment through POS terminal      0%

Cash withdrawal through plastic card from ATM of a partner bank

0.2% min. GEL 0.6*
Cash withdrawal through plastic card from any bank’s ATM (inside and outside of the country) 2% min. USD 3.5 
Cash withdrawal from partner bank

0.6% min. GEL 0.6*

Cash withdrawal from the other bank 2.5%  min. USD 3.5

*Liberty Bank  

ATM Location

Card services Safety/Insurance

Service Standard Premium Premium Plus Gold Gold Plus
Annual Fee GEL 5 GEL 10 GEL 15 GEL 25 GEL 50
Card Insurance Term                                                                                    Equals to Card validity term
Transactions fullfilled without PIN or Chip (above GEL 50)  GEL 2000 GEL 5000  GEL 8000 GEL 10000 GEL 25000
Internet transactions  GEL 500 GEL 800 GEL 1100 GEL 3000 GEL 7000
Authorization-free transactions GEL 200 GEL 500 GEL 800 GEL 1200 GEL 2500
Number of operations reimbursed 10 illegal operations

Cards General Guideliens

Existing Terabank clients with active card account in case of loss/damage or date expiration may order new card online.

In case of card loss, please contact Terabank immidiately via telephone: (+995 32) 255 00 00 or mobile: *50 50.  Terabank call center operates 24 hours.

Standard terms and conditions for performance of terabank’s banking operations: see at the following link

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