At one glance, it is impossible to easily collect funds. However, only at one glance. New product of terabank, Terawallet, has been designed exactly for this purpose, as many car operations you perform, as many one Lari notes will be transferred to your deposit (the amount selected by you).

Is very easy to use Terawallet: 

  • Service activation is free of charge at the increasing-accumulative, universal or saving deposits;
  • The service maturity matches with the attached deposit maturity; 
  • The terms for interest withdrawal matches with the terms of the attached deposit; 
  • When performing any card operations, the amount, selected by you, will be transferred to the selected card account; 
  • The service currency may be gel, usd or euro; 
  • The amount may be: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  and any number equal to 5 up to 100;  
  • The service can be cancelled before the due date as per the relevant application or internet bank message;
  • In case, if the deposit is breached/closed, terawallet’s service will be automatically cancelled;


   Terawallet – Gain more with every payment!   

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