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Tap to pay with Google Pay

Google Wallet™ is a digital wallet that lets you securely store your cards, tickets, IDs and more, all in one place. Quickly and easily access your everyday essentials so you can go to the cinema or travel by train with one click and tap to pay everywhere Google Pay™ is accepted.


To use Google Pay you need:

  • Android 5.0. or higher operating system;
  • NFC support. More information;
  • From mobile settings Google Pay must be selected as default mobile payment service;
  • Unlock function.


How to add a card to Google Wallet

Starting to use Google Pay is very easy:

  • Download the Google Wallet app from Google Play.
  • Open the app and click the Add to Wallet function and follow the instructions.
  • Take a photo of the card or enter its data.
  • If necessary, confirm the card’s data.


How to Add a Card From the Bank Application

  • Download or open the already downloaded bank application.
  • Choose the card you want to add.
  • Click the Add to GPay button.
  • Follow the next steps.


How to Make the Card a Default Card

  • Successfully add your bank card to Google Wallet.
  • Choose a card from the main page.
  • Click Details at the bottom of the screen.
  • Mark "Make default for contactless."

The card is ready to use.


Where and How to Pay with Google Pay at Merchants

  • Use your Android for easy contactless payments:
  • Add a debit or a credit card to Google Wallet.
  • When you are ready to pay, unlock the phone.*
  • Bring it close to the terminal.
  • Wait for the check mark and make sure that the payment has been made.

That's all!
Google Pay is available everywhere you see the Gpay or contactless symbol.

*Without uncloking the phone and opening Google Wallet app, it is possible to:

  • Make transaction less than 100 GEL. Just tap the phone on a POS terminal to pay;
  • For every 4th payment, you will need to unlock the phone in any case of security reasons.


How to pay with Google Pay on apps and websites:

  • Add a debit or credit card to Google Wallet.
  • When you are ready to pay, select Google Pay as a payment method or click the Pay with Google Pay button.
  • That's it: you no longer need to fill out forms or submit your payment information.

Look for the Google Pay symbol at checkout.


Why You Should Use Google Wallet

Tap and pay

With Google Wallet, you can tap and pay effortlessly. Enjoy the convenient and secure payment process around the world from your phone — anywhere contactless payments and Google Pay are accepted. Just unlock the phone and bring it to the terminal.


Google Wallet allows you to quickly access your digital wallet with the lock screen, voice command or home screen. You can import and save cards and tickets from Gmail, Google Photos or other Google services and easily organize them.

Security and Privacy

Google Wallet is more secure than your physical wallet and is protected with the most advanced settings. These include: two-step verification, Find My Phone, remote data wipe, etc.

Security and privacy are built into every part of Google Wallet so all of your information is as secure as possible. When paying with Android, Google Pay does not share your card number with businesses, meaning your transactions are securely encrypted before, during and after payment.

In addition, you control your personal data in Google Wallet with the help of privacy settings and you determine who sees and uses them.


Payment for Public Transport

Payment for public transport by Google Pay is subject to a commission of 0.5 GEL by the POS terminal servicing bank. Terabank does not charge commission for transport transactions. Accordingly, you will be charged 1 GEL in the case of paying with a card and 1.50 GEL in the case of paying with Google Pay.

*For a list of compatible Google Pay devices, see


*Google Pay and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google LLC.


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