PB Package - Individual Banking Services

PB Package - Individual banking services for more comfort

If you want to take advantage of individual banking services and get special conditions on banking products, the PB package is the best choice.

The PB package is a combination of privileged banking services that offer customers more comfort and flexibility.

Products and services included in the individual banking package:

  • Visa Platinum, Gold and Classic - debit card, which can be used to withdraw money both in merchants and ATMs;
  • Additional card for PB package holder's family members, including minors;
  • Different interest rates on term deposits;
  • Preferential conversion rate.

The cost of the PB package is: 5 GEL per month, 50 GEL per year.


Operations Service
GEL transfer 0.05%, min. 0.7 GEL - maximum 150 GEL
USD transfer 0.15% min. 10 USD
EUR transfer (+ other currency) 0.15% min. 15 EUR
GEL withdrawal 0.15%
Currency withdrawal 0.35%
Card Service
ATM terabank/ATM Liberty 0%
ATM TBC 1% min 1 USD
ATM international 2% min 3 USD
Refund 2%
Products Included in the Package
Open a current  account





Current account service fee
Password internet banking/mobile banking/email banking
SMS service
Automatic payments
Standing payment order 
Issuance of standard notice



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