Intel Express


Standard Terms:

  • Time required for transfer: 10-20 minutes
  • Transfer currency: GEL, USD, EURO 
  • Commission: from 0.35% to 3%, in accordance with the recipient countries
  • Transfer and receipt of amount can be made in more than 90 countries of the world (official web-site)

Money transfer outside the borders of Georgia: from 1% to 4%. 
Remittances inside the territory of Georgia: remittances in GEL - min. 2.00 GEL, 0.50% of the amount. 
Remittances in USD and EUR - min. 1.00 USD/EUR, 0.50% of the amount.
Remittances to Turkey: share rate 0.90% for customers. Remittances to Ukraine: 0.3%


Advantage of transfer:

  • Transfer and receipt of amount can be made in any point of the desirable country, which is switched to "Intelxpress" network
  • The amounts transferred through the system of Intelexpress” can be received in any branch of our bank

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