Bonus points, Terabytes, can be accumulated through the card operations of terabank! 

What are Terabytes

Terabites are the bonus points of terabank, which allow you to fill in the mobile phone’s account, or pay for utilities free of charge! 

*To use Terabytes, you must have a current, card or demand deposit account.

How to accumulate Terabytes

Perform as many card transactions as possible and accumulate the Terabites in the appropriate amount. 

On every GEL 5 transaction – get 1 terabyte,To every amount more by GEL 1 - 1 more terabyte will be added 

  • Six lari transaction = 1+1 terabytes
  • Nine Lari transaction = 1+4 terabytes
  • Transactions of 1000 GEL or above = 996 terabytes, which is the maximum amount of accrued points(1 terabyte is for the initial 5 GEL, while the remaining 995 GEL = 995 terabytes)
  • 300  terabytes = GEL 1

How to use Terabytes

Terabytes will be transferred within the next two weeks after the transaction is reflected in the bank account and in order to use them, you should have the following types of plastic cards:



  • Accumulated terabytes can be converted and the corresponding amount (in GEL) will be credited to your account
  • The minimum amount for conversion is 5 GEL, and the maximum limit is not limited.
  • You will be able to make payments in the appropriate amount of Terabytes (for example, you will pay the utility bill, top up your mobile phone balance, etc.).


*Terabytes accrued and unused within two calendar years will be automatically canceled and you will receive a cancellation notice 30 days prior.


The cost of terabytes and their use:
The sum of 300 terabytes is 1 GEL and the minimum amount of usable terabytes is 300 units. Accumulated terabytes are credited at the end of each week in accordance with the transactions carried out throughout the week and reflected in the banking program B6. Terabytes are rounded up to the nearest whole number.

  • Accumulated terabytes can be converted by the client and the corresponding amount (in GEL) can be credited to his account.
  • The minimum amount for conversion is 5 GEL. There is no maximum limit.
  • You can make payments using terabytes (e.g., pay utility bills, top up mobile phone balances, etc.).


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