Remote services


In parallel with doing business and daily activities, it is better to receive banking service, naturally, without visit to the bank, remotely. That is why terabank offers you to receive the service to where you are.  


Internetbank- Virtual Comfort of Financial House

In order to receive banking service, it is only necessary to have an access to internet, is the internet-terabank’s address, which ensures your safe, simple and swift banking operations.

Mobilebank – for the first time in Georgia without any internet cost 

At any location, wherever you are, terabank’s, mobile application is available for you through your phone. It operates without any costs for MAGTI’s subscribers, however, this comfort will soon be available for the users of other networks.  You can download the application from app store or play store as per the model of your phone.

Remember, in order you to use mobile-bank, you must use the internet-bank.

Through Internet-bank and Mobile-bank you can:

  • Check the amount at the account
  • Remember, where and how much you spent
  • For what you spent
  • Transfer to near here or event to another country
  • Exchange currency
  • Pay taxes
  • Control your loans
  • Receive or sent messages
  • Receive only pleasant news from us Bank-customer
  • Get the information remotely and send electronic documents without visiting the bank.


SMS Service 

If you use terabank’s SMS service, you permanently have the information regarding the on-going innovations, branches operation schedule and the banking operations, which is personally related to you.

You may also receive the information through SMS

  • Regarding the transfer to the account, or deduction from the account
  • Regarding the remaining amount at the account
  • Regarding the declined or cancelled operations
  • Regarding the encashed amount from ATM

By sending SMS to the number 1016, you will get the information:

  • Regarding the balance at the current account -  A
  • Regarding the balance at the card account -B
  • Regarding the official currency rate -C 

Call Center 

0322 55 00 00 – the number, which ensures the permanent connection between you and terabank, Contact the Call Center of the bank at any time and get the desirable information:

  • What is the amount you have at the account
  • Turnover at the current and card accounts
  • Deposit maturity and amount
  • Information regarding the loans and repayment schedule
  • Information regarding the on-going promotions and terms
  • Advices on the banking products

You can perform the following types of operations: 

  • Transfer of the amount between the own accounts
  • Payment for utilities
  • Cashless conversion
  • Blocking or activation of card
  • Activation of SMS security service
  • Activation of card security service
  • Sending the details of the account


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