Project: “Produce in Georgia”

"Produce in Georgia” is implemented through support of the Ministry of Economy and Stable Development and the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.


The objective of the mentioned project is to develop and support entrepreneurship, enhance the new enterprices to be formed, increase the competitiveness of private   sector and export potential on finances.  


Within the framework of the mentioned sector the following enterprises are financed:

  • Production of packing materials, including, carton, corrugated tare
  • Production of construction materials, including ceramic makes, marble, granite and other natural stones
  • Textile goods, including clothing, shoes, thread (wool, silk) and leather processing
  • Chemical, including, detergents, active chemical substances and cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Electrical technical appliances, including production of home appliances
  •  Plastics production
  • Timber processing and furniture, MDF, DSP production
  • Machinery, including spare parts production
  • Production of metal goods.


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