Payroll Offers

By getting involved with the pay-roll project of terabank, the companies are allowed to considerably simplify the salary disbursement procedure. For this, terabank allows the partner organizations to choose the desirable method for them: to transfer the salaries through the support of the flexible internet bank or electronically send the list of employees and relevant salaries and the bank will transfer the salaries from the account.


For the privileged companies:

  • Individual approach to each of the companies
  • Simple procedure for commencement of cooperation
  • Reduction of the costs caused due to cash management
  • Confidentiality of the employees pay-roll rates
  • Capacity for simple transfer of salaries and business trip amounts to the employees being on business trip or in the region.    


For the privileged employees:

  • Wide network of ATMs of KSB bank and partner banks throughout Georgia
  • Capacity for interest-free payments through the card at the retail outlets throughout the world
  • Exclusive terms and conditions for the employees of the companies involved with only the pay-roll program, on the credit products – loans, overdrafts, credit cards. 
  • Capacity for using the remote products.

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