Loan for Agro Business

Loan for Agro Business is intended for agribusiness financing, which, from its part, allows to develop the agricultural business.  Terabank offers agro loan for development of your farm, under the maximally flexible terms and conditions for you.  Through agro loan you will be allowed to use the flexible repayment schedule suited with your business and revenues.  



Interest Rates

National Bank Ref, interest rate from + 2.5% (effective from 13%)

USD from 7% (effective from 7.25%)

EUR from 6% (effective from 6.25%)


60 months

Disbursement Fee

From 0.5%

Credit Info Verification Fee

18 GEL

Guarantee Fee for Unsecured Loans

Up to 5,000 GEL per month 3 GEL

Up to 20,000 GEL per month 5 GEL


See the registration / termination fee at the link *

See the other contractual terms under the specific financial product header

* Collateral registration / termination fee applies only to secured loans


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