Visa B2B Connect platform represents a fast, reliable, and secure international account reconciliation service. It empowers businesses to handle their daily cross-border payments and account reconciliations with the utmost efficiency, innovation, non-repudiation, and bank-to-bank messaging and reconciliation services, enabling them to receive secure and efficient international payments in 112 countries worldwide.

Visa B2B Connect significantly differs from traditional methods: its assistance ensures transactions, sender-receiver matching, processing within 1-2 business days.*

TeraBank is the first bank in Georgia to integrate the Visa B2B Connect platform in partnership with Visa. The service is available both remotely – via internet banking and mobile application, as well as in branches for in-person visits.

*Payments are processed within 1-2 business days and are subject to business hours, public holidays, currency exchange rates, and country-specific regulations, which may lead to variations in processing times.

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