Terabank’s Efforts for Positive Change

Corporate social responsibility and the support of important societal values are an integral part of terabank’s work. In this regard, we have been concentrating our efforts on several aspects with the hopes of making a worthwhile contribution to the process of improving the world around us.

Terabank’s corporate social responsibility priorities include youth education, discovery and support of interesting individuals, a healthy lifestyle and local tourism development. We have authored a number of initiatives within these fields which is what makes the bank’s corporate social responsibility model particularly sustainable.


Terabank is always extremely enthusiastic about initiatives that aim to promote youth education as we are confident that this is our way of standing for both the development and the progress of virtuous future generations.

Start-up Alphabet

The Start-up Alphabet project, as one of many initiatives supported by terabank, aims to promote ideas of entrepreneurship among children by providing them with fundamental business skills at the elementary level. The Start-up Alphabet is intended for 11-13-year-olds and consists of a fun, simple training course and a variety of events. Professional mentors encourage participants to expand their ideas through games and create products that they will eventually present and sell at a Christmas exhibition and fair.
The project is free. A total of 20 candidates, selected through a careful evaluation of applications, get to participate. You may visit https://startupanbani.ge/for further details about the initiative.

Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers is a global initiative from Google geared towards encouraging the participation of women and girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) all over the world by increasing the visibility of their success stories, integrating male and female developers in work environments and promoting the exchange of resources and partnerships among them. The program was brought to Georgia by a team of Google developers in Tbilisi and has become an annual event since 2013. The annual event in 2018 was hosted by terabank.

Supporting Small and Medium-sized Businesses

One of the important directions of Terabank's corporate social responsibility is supporting small and medium-sized businesses, fostering the development and success of their activities. This sector is a strategic segment for us, and these business owners are also among our important and valued partners. Therefore, within the framework of corporate social responsibility, we constantly provide new opportunities, motivation, and inspiration to small and medium businesses through various projects and initiatives.

The Terabank to Support Business project, which was implemented in 2020, worked precisely to serve these goals. As a part of the project, Terabank presented 50 business clients with a package of services to meet their needs. The packages included logo and corporate style creation, social media channel setup, website development, promotion of relevant activities on tourism platforms, photography, conducting e-commerce, educational trainings, inclusion in TV broadcasts and Terabank's communication channels and more. Of note is that the Terabank to Support Business project received the Meliora award for responsible business competition in Georgia in one of the main categories - supporting small businesses and sectors affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another project, entitled Tera Online Catalog for 100 Georgian Businesses, which was implemented in 2022 in partnership with the Windfor’s agency, also served to support small and medium-sized businesses; specifically, to promote and present their activities in the digital space. The project’s online catalog united 100 Georgian small and medium business companies and was published on Facebook and Terabank's website. It allowed people to look at the products and services of the participating companies and easily contact manufacturers while promoting the business. The project was named “Outstanding Project” by the Meliora 2022 responsible business competition.

Concurrently with these projects, Terabank supports small and medium businesses through additional initiatives. Informative sessions are regularly held across Georgia, engaging business clients, and acquainting them with Terabank's products and services, the programs of the Enterprise Georgia agency and the Rural Development Agency, preferential loan options and other opportunities. Webinars are also organized, aimed at sharing valuable information and knowledge with business clients. Furthermore, Terabank actively contributes to enhancing awareness and promotion for its business clients by consistently showcasing their activities through mass media and the bank’s own digital channels.
Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

Terabank is a signatory of the UN Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Within the framework of supporting these principles, the bank actively promotes the empowerment of women both within and outside the company through various initiatives.

In alignment with the UN Women's Empowerment Principles, we place special emphasis on empowering women entrepreneurs and bolstering their activities. In 2019, in collaboration with the United Nations Women's Organization, we engaged with women entrepreneurs operating in one of the most promising regions, Racha-Lechkhumi, who are significantly contributing to local tourism development. We provided these women entrepreneurs with branding services, a vital component for business growth. Additionally, through our communication channels, we shared the stories of their endeavors with a wide audience.

As a company committed to the UN Women's Empowerment Principles, we partnered with the UN Women's Office in Georgia in 2022 to extend financial support for the creation of a culinary guide. This guide includes a collection of culinary recipes along with descriptions of the history, activities, and facilities of 10 women residing in different regions of the country, actively involved in agritourism. This initiative served to further both the activities of women entrepreneurs and the advancement of domestic tourism.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle promotion is one of the most important components of terabank’s social responsibility initiatives. We constantly seek fun, interactive and, most importantly, beneficial activities in support of this issue.

tera bike

The tera bike summer campaign from terabank was a brand-new concept for Georgia and for corporate social responsibility initiatives at large. Its mission was to promote the use of bikes as a means of transportation in support of healthy living habits. The campaign allowed both existing and new customers of terabank to ride bikes around Tbilisi completely free of charge. Five branches were equipped with special bicycle parking racks and available for bike pick-up and drop-off throughout the summer. Bikes were accessible with special tera bike cards. In addition to offering locals free bikes, terabank also took care of creating convenient, short and safe routes for bike riders: professional cyclists were employed to create special guides which helped bicycle lovers to navigate Tbilisi problem-free. Tera bike was an important initiative for women. This campaign was our attempt to shake up existing stereotypes about Tbilisi and prove that it certainly has the potential to be a bike-friendly city. Lots of people joined the campaign, demonstrating that tera bike was indeed a timely initiative with a lot of like-minded individuals out there who also believe that this amazing means of transportation is very much appropriate for Tbilisi and the city has great potential to become a city of bikes as well.

Free Cycling Lessons

We continue to support healthy living by giving special free lessons to individuals who want to ride a bicycle and follow a healthy lifestyle but have not had a chance to learn how to ride. Lessons are conducted by a professional instructor.

Interesting Individuals

Small and medium-sized businesses are a strategic segment for terabank. We make a particular effort to support these enterprises and our corporate social responsibility is no exception either. We strive to back individuals with interesting occupations and support them with the tools they may need to develop their work which, we are confident, may well become a successful business in the future.

Interesting Individuals within terabank’s Focus

We are surrounded by countless individuals with interesting and truly outstanding occupations but not much about them is known to the general public. We constantly look for them and gladly introduce them to our audiences. We tell stories about them and feature their work through which they convey their thoughts and emotions as well as their challenges and concerns. This project has allowed us to discover truly unique individuals with a variety of hobbies and craftsmanship whose work is truly unique and original. They are constantly featured in our communication through a variety of channels.

IKA Cultural Award

Terabank shows particular support towards talented individuals in Georgia. This is precisely why the IKA Award is one of our top priorities. IKA awards artists from a variety of disciplines, aiming to acknowledge talented individuals and show appreciation for their work. Each prize is aimed at relatively unknown artists who are in particular need of acknowledgement, promotion and ongoing support.

Support of Tourism

Become a tera traveler

Terabank began to support local tourism in the summer of 2019 when the bank launched its massive Become a tera traveler campaign. The campaign had two goals: to allow travelers to visit unique places in Georgia and show support to businesses operating within the tourism industry. Our branches were converted into tourist centers of sorts with a variety of offers from tourist services showcased in the windows. Members of our staff adopted the roles of advisors and provided visitors with useful tips about local sights, unique routes and must-visit eateries around the country. Moreover, we allowed touristic businesses to take advantage of our digital channels free of charge and even created the http://terabankfortravelers.ge platform which compiled information about each business and made it available to the public. Support from Lingwing was another highlight of the campaign. With our support, a free English language course was added to the app whose purpose was to aid representatives of the tourism industry. We kept surprising our customers with a variety of raffles and motivational activities throughout the campaign. Writer and photographer, Archil Qiqodze, told us all about unique local routes which we subsequently published in the form of brochures for travelers. Just a few days after the launch of the campaign, numerous Georgian photographers joined the tera traveler initiative and gladly shared their work on our Facebook page.

Support of Female Entrepreneurs

After declaring tourism as one of our top priorities, we got to know countless family-owned hotels in Georgia and discovered that most of them are managed by women. With the enormous support from the United Nations in Georgia, we managed to locate such hotels in Racha-Lechkhumi, one of the most beautiful and interesting regions in the country. The women running these hotels play an integral role in the development of local tourism which is why we decided to provide them with free branding services. Branding is undoubtedly important for any business and we are confident that this form of support from us will certainly accelerate their success.

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