Loans and deposits draw

Build a life together with Terabank!

Take a loan or open a deposit at Terabank until 15 June 2017, join the raffle and win all together: :

  • Renovated apartment in Tbilisi, at Shatberashvili Street #6
  • Car Toyota RAV4, silver color, made in 2016
  • Travel to any direction of Europe
  • GEL 2000 salary per month during 1 year from Terabank.

How to join the raffle:

In order to participate in the raffle, it is necessary to take any type of loan, or open a term deposit in the minimum amount of 1000 units.

Product Currency Unit Number of tickets
Loan** GEL, USD*, EUR* 1000 1
Deposit *** GEL, USD, EUR 1000 2

*The amount less than 100,000 units (equivalent in currency) will be disbursed only in the national currency.

**Consumer, mortgage, business mortgage, credit card, cash-covered and overdraft.

*** Term, Increasing, Flex, Deposit certificate and Child deposits.

Interim Raffles

Before the final raffle, you have a chance to participate in the interim raffles and win the one out of 3 gift sets:

For home For vehicle For travel
Smart home equipment 1 tone of fuel Smart suitcase
Vinyl player Auto service GEL 1000 Camera Canon EOS M3
Apple TV One year voucher for car wash Travel cushion and eye mask
One year package of internet and TV Car video registrator  Lonely Planet World travel guide
Smart coffee maker Espresso maker on the go Terabank’s Travel Card
Constructor   Polaroid cube

Raffles Dates:

The raffles will be held at Terabank’s official Facebook site ( through the live-stream at 20:00

20 March  Gifts set #1 for home
20 April Gifts set #2 for vechile
20 May Gifts set  #3 for travel


 Final raffle will be held on 20 June 2017, at 20:00!


Rules for participation in the raffle:

  •  Citizen of Georgia, individual or sole entrepreneur can participate in the raffle.
  •  Maximum 500 tickets will be issued per person.
  •  One person may win the interim prize only once.
  •  The tickets issued before the 15th date of every month will participate in the interim and final raffle.
  •   In order to participate in the raffle, the borrowed loan or opened deposit must be active by the time of raffle date.

Procedure for prizes issuance:

  • Official information about the winner will be published within 3 working days from the prize fund raffle on the web-site of terabank:
  • The winner should come at Terabank head office within 30 days after the draw and will be awarded no later than 6 working days at the head office of Terabank. Address: St. Queen Ketevan Avenue #3.
  • Prizes will be issued to the person registered at the winner ticket.
  • Bank’s customer is entitled to claim the bank.
  • The claim must be presented no later than 10 July 2017.
  • Within 5 days from hearing the claim, the commission makes a decision on the claim.

Banking products participating in the raffle and their terms:


Special terms and conditions are applicable for the term deposits and credit products at Terabank within the framework of the draw.

The rate has been increased on the term deposit in GEL.


In case of a loan, the rate is fixed as follows

Consumer loan

  • Annual interest rate in GEL – re-financing rate + from 3%, effective rate from 10,5%
  • Annual interest rate in GEL – from 11% , effective rate from 12,8%
  • Annual interest rate in USD – from 8%, effective rate – from 8,5%


Mortgage loan

  • Annual interest rate in GEL – re-financing rate + from 3%, effective rate from 10,3%
  • Annual interest rate in USD – from 7.5% effective rate from 7,9%


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