Moped Installments

Moped Installments – new product for those who want to have moped

In the recent period moped has become one of the most popular means of transportation. If you like this trend, as well as want to purchase a moped, but you do not have a sufficient amount, then the new product of terabank – Moped’s Installments is exactly for you. 

The product allows you to purchase a new moped at the company “Moped Depot”, under the reasonable terms and simply make your wish come true. 

When the installments are disbursed, you are not required to present any statement. 

Installment terms:

  • Installments currency — GEL
  • Installments maturity — 3 – 36 months
  • Amount of installments — from GEL 500 up to GEL 4000

Any citizen or resident individual of Georgia, from 21 up to 55 years old, may use the installments.


Installment terms
Loan amount

min- 500

max- 4000

Loan maturity

min- 3 months

max- 36 months

Loan currency


Annual interest rate

From 0%

Loan repayment term

equal monthly installments


not requested

Loan disbursement fee

depends on loan amount 

Confirmation of income

not requested

Application Form

Security Code