Develop tourism in your newly purchased home! 

Terabank offers innovative product on Georgian market! 

Looking for extra income? Want to purchase real estate for rental purpose in Tbilisi or touristy attractive regions of Georgia, but need additional finances? Terabank offers you innovative product, which is tailored to your needs.

With help of the new product, you will be able to get money for purchasing, renovating, or updating the design of the apartment at touristy attractive places of Georgia. Afterwards, you can rent the apartment to tourists on daily or monthly basis. 
Tourist mortgage is issued with simplified conditions, which means that we are considering the potential income received from rentals and the loan approval process is based on it. You will have the opportunity to earn an extra income, which you can spend on both loan payback and your additional needs.

What is required for receipt of the loan?

  • Cash in the amount of 40% of the loan, or income, which is equal to 40% of the loan

  • Wish to purchase a real estate and rent it out, which is located in Tbilisi or region, at the attractive, demanded location and the area of which does not exceed 100 square meters.


Annual interest rate Standard mortgage loan terms
Currency           GEL/USD/EURO
Maturity From 3 up to120 months (maximum 10 years)
Amount Minimum 1,000 units – max. USD 100,000 or equivalent in a different currency (the amount less than GEL 200,000 is disbursed only in GEL)
Purpose Purchase/renovation/improvement of a real estate in the touristic attractive and demanded locations, which will be rented out on a daily, or monthly basis. In case of renovation/improvement, it is mandatory that the borrower/co-borrower to be the owner of the real estate.
Loan repayment

Equal monthly installments (individual schedule/grace period).


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